Westpoint, based in the centre of Manchester, UK, specialise in the provision of security testing services.

Since 1999 we have been supplying class-leading blended vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and,
more recently, social media testing services.

In 2004 Westpoint were appointed one of the first Payment Card Industry (PCI) Approved
Scanning Vendors (ASVs).

Westpoint service hundreds of customers in sectors such as finance, media, telecommunications,
retailing, consumer products, utilities, manufacturing and local government. We have customers
where we test thousands of systems every month down to those where we test a few systems
each year. We test systems all over the globe performing lightweight vulnerability assessment
up to very detailed web application penetration tests.

Customer satisfaction and the quality of service we deliver are paramount to Westpoint.
We believe it is important that, where necessary, we customise our services and processes to exactly suit
your business and its needs. We do not expect our clients to have to adapt their working to suit us.
We believe the longevity of our customer base shows we've got this right.

About Our Staff

At Westpoint we pride ourselves on the quality of our testing, and this can only
ever be as good as the staff that conduct it. Westpoint's staff are multi-skilled with
extensive experience in information security, software development and system
and network administration. This background allows us to not only perform good
testing, but also to communicate the results to you effectively.

Westpoint staff have discovered vulnerabilities in widely used applications and
frameworks (for example every major browser) and given presentations on security
to groups such as OWASP. Westpoint staff have also been members of the PCI ASV Task
Force that provide feedback on changes to the ASV scanning regulations.

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