What is Social Media Testing?

The rapid development process commonly used to produce social media applications increases the risk that developers will make errors.
The errors will often result in security issues, and potentially the disclosure of private information shared with the application by consumers.
The wide audience these applications enjoy means that they are an attractive target for hackers who aim to harvest information such as
email addresses and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII). If a successful attack on your application is discovered then news of this will
spread through the social network just as quickly as the message you’d originally intended.

Westpoint’s social media testing services aim to rapidly assess applications to prevent this kind of nightmare scenario.

Facebook Application Testing

Facebook applications are exceedingly popular and quick to develop. They excel at
engaging users easily and encouraging them to readily share their personal information.

However, our experience of testing hundreds of Facebook applications shows they pay
very little attention to ensuring sensitive user data is appropriately protected. 97% of
Facebook applications tested were found to have security issues; 30% had high risk issues.

To ensure your Facebook applications are secure take a Facebook Application Test performed
by one of our qualified security testers. A test of a typical Facebook application can take as
little as half a day to complete. Isn’t the security of your customers’ personal data worth that?

of Facebook applications tested
were found to have security issues
of these had
high risk issues

YouTube Application Testing

YouTube provides facilities for brand channels to embed ‘Gadgets’ such as custom tabs into the YouTube website.
These gadgets are similar to Facebook applications and can be affected by similar security issues.
YouTube’s guidelines require that ‘the gadget must be secured against common security issues such
as authentication/authorisation problems, SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, clickjacking, XSSI etc.’.

Westpoint’s YouTube application testing service provides an easy way to gain assurance that your
gadget will be safe. Remember that Google reserve the right to perform security inspection and assessment
at any time and will suspend your gadget if it is found to place users at risk.

If you think our services can be of benefit to your organisation, then don’t hesitate to get in contact us. Even if you are unsure as to exactly which services you need, regardless of your size - big or small, we can help.

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